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Six Primal Life Pillars
is a six week online program...

designed for passionate individuals to launch themselves beyond achievement and find true fulfillment in every aspect of life and business. Patrick Precourt designed the Six Primal Life Pillar program to allow entrepreneurs to fully embrace the life of entrpreneurialism which includes a life of wealth and abundance.


The health of an entrepreneur is a key component to the foundation of our success. Health is comprised of physical health, mental health and emotional health which have a direct influence on our beliefs, our attitudes and our actions. A poor attitude, a defeated emotional stance and a tired body will steal all entrepreneurial aspirations.


Wealth is often personally defined and everyone desires a life of wealth and abundance. Wealth is not something you chase but rather, something that is attracted into your life through very defined, yet simple principles that are revealed and studied instensely throughout the program.


Relationships are a key component of the environments that surround us. Our environments are the single greatest influence on our results, actions and outcomes. Developing the right relationships and eliminating the wrong ones by choice instead of default are part of designing and controlling environments that support our success.


Performance, as written in our DNA, is a critical component in our fulfillment and requires continuous and steady growth and expansion. Performance is therefore measured by the gap between where you were yesterday and where you ended today. In the program we share the 10 daily steps to continually outperform ourselves from the day before.


Passion is the fuel by which we execute our mission. Passion is comprised of our "why", our willingness to be emotional and care deeply about our purpose and our willingness to share our passion with others. Underneath lies our personal code that maintains our integrity. A breach of integrity will bring any ship to the bottom of the ocean.


Leadership is comprised of leading ourselves and others, rooted in our ability to communicate a well defined message, purpose and cause and our ability to sell that to ourselves, to our tribe and to the world at large. All leadership begins with self-mastery and our ability to control our own negative defeating inner voice.

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Why Join Six Primal Life Pillars?

Six Primal Life Pillars is the only course that is guaranteed to help you create a personal roadmap for achieving, mastering and experiencing your true potential in every part of your life.

  • Weekly calls (every Monday evening) with Patrick Precourt
  • Weekly check-ins (each Friday)
  • Course material provided weekly
  • A vibrant, thriving community of entrepreneurs
  • Lifetime membership to all future 6PLP programs
  • Continuous upgrades of content and information
  • Annual live event invitation
  • High level of consciousness and accountability
  • Weekly recommended book readings
  • Saturday Reflection messages direct from Patrick
  • 2 bonus sessions (Getting Fit to Get Fit and Creating Your Code)

Who is Patrick Precourt?

Patrick is a multi-talented entrepreneur -- an industry leader in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, speaking and influencing and a master of sales and leadership.

Patrick has turned his focus to running an extremely successful personal development mentorship program with hundreds of elite students across the country. His most innate skill set is to pull the best out of you -- to strip down the shell, drive right to the core and uncover what it is that truly drives you. Something that may have been buried so long you hardly recognize it.

Patrick's Goal

Patrick's goal is to help you discover, design and implement a path to true wealth and abundance by identifying your passions, exposing and conquering your fears, clearing the wealth blockers in life that prevent you from achieving your true potential and igniting that burning fire inside to become the leader and entrepreneurial powerhouse you were designed to be.

Patrick Precourt
Lifetime membership only $497

Frequented Asked Questions

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If you aren't absolutely satisfied with your experience, just email us at We provide a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days of the program.
We all have busy schedules. By becoming a member of 6PLP, you're becoming a member for the life of the program including all future sessions. If you miss a call, don't worry. They're all recorded and provided in your student portal. You can catch up on it when you have the time.
Most of the members of 6PLP are business owners, but not everyone. Many people are still trying to find what they're truly passionate about. We spend an entire week talking about passion and discovering the things we truly love doing.
Let's be honest here. No program will work if you don't put in the effort and truly practice the things being taught in the program. If you're interested in 6PLP to magically solve your problems, please do not sign up. If you do the work, you will achieve results in your business and your life.

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Lifetime membership only $497
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Slackers Need Not Apply

We are looking ONLY for dedicated participants ready for growth. If you are that person who knows that you WANT and DESERVE to be happy and abundant in each area of your life, you know you want to INCREASE your income, AND you are READY to get back your time, peace of mind, and quality of life then you absolutely BELONG in the Six Primal Life Pillars program!

Lifetime membership only $497